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To Our Valued Customers,


Over the past several months we have been actively immersed in an effort of rebranding, which includes our company name, logo, and website. Our need to rebrand was driven by responses in the community, which included key clients, and others. The name “AV Health Check” initially was termed to provide and maintain assistance, for the audiovisual needs of our clients. The feedback of viewpoints detected that “Health Check” nomenclature was disadvantageous to our company as an audiovisual integrator, this term often placed “Health Check” as a medical technology service, in many cases caused confusion to the type of services we provided. For this reason, we have decided to drop the “Health Check”, while providing the same quality solutions, and now implementing “lighting” as a new service to our current and new customers. This new name change to AV Technology and Lighting Solutions (AVT) –more accurately reflects the solutions we provide to our valued customers.


We genuinely thank our clients that have recommended us over the past nine years, and we look forward to providing continuous service to our clientele, and we are pleased to bring our distinctive collaborative consulting model to new ones. 


E: customerservice@ avtls.com


P: 1-844-928-4325

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