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We are MBE Certified. 

The National Minority Supplier Development Council has granted AVT recognition as a Minority Business Enterprise.

What is the National Minority Supplier Development Council?

The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) advances business opportunities for certified minority business enterprises and connects them to corporate members. NMSDC develops successful relationships between America’s top corporations and supply-chain partners from the Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native American communities. To guarantee the essentials of a strong business relationship, NMSDC connects corporations with qualified minority-owned suppliers of all sizes – Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) – that meet a high standard of excellence.

What does the MBE Certification mean?
NMSDC’s rigorous certification process requires that minority businesses in their network are at least 51% minority-owned, -operated and -controlled. Eligibility is established after NMSDC conducts a series of screenings, interviews and site visits. NMSDC is the only national minority business development organization that provides and guarantees this degree of certification throughout the United States where MBEs are genuinely minority-owned and operated.


What does this mean for me?

Corporations comfortable with cultural diversity and change, that are responsive to their customers, will thrive. Forward-looking corporations see minority supplier development as a value-added way of doing business and being good corporate citizens. Corporations benefit directly from minority supplier development programs. Their markets expand. The pool of qualified suppliers/contractors grows. Costs are reduced. Quality increases across products and services, with greater competition.

Corporate minority supplier development programs also foster economic growth within the minority business community. They bring more minority entrepreneurs into the mainstream of the American economy. Embracing cultural diversity and transformation will make corporations more responsive to their customers. They will meet the future with confidence, assurance and a commitment to working together that is uniquely American.


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